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Aircraft training

All those, who decided to become a professional pilot are obliged to have Private Pilot License first.

Getting this license is the most important step for future pilots, as it gives essential basic skills and habits.



    Grafprom Aviation offers the following trainings:

  • Flight Training for Private Pilot Licence PPL (A) with

theoretical training program based on spoken e-learning,

operating on mobile devices.

Thanks to this platform, you can pass the theory any time

without leaving home or at any other place at your convenience. More info: http://www.grafpromaviation.com/en/2013-03-22-14-46-28/about-e-learning


  • Flight Training for Light Aircraft Pilot Licence LAPL(A)
  • Flight Training for Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A)
  • IR(A) – simulator Ellite S812 FNPT II  
  • MEP(L)
  • IR(SE)
  • IR(ME)
  • FI(A)
  • Night VFR
  • ATPL(A) theory


Military to civilian pilot license conversion


SEP(L) and MEP(L) renewal


 Our Flight School is located at Bydgoszcz Airport EPBY what gives the opportunity to train in controlled airspace from the very beginning! 



Our fleet includes : several Cessna150, Cessna172, Cessna172S Skyhawk, Cirrus SR20, TecnamP2006T

Spacious and well-developed airport infrastructure constitute solid foundation of our aircraft and helicopter trainings as well as other aviation services. Comfortable, well-equipped study rooms are perfect for briefings and theoretical part of the trainings. Great asset of our flight school is our FNPTII that gives an opportunity to offer complex trainings. A flight simulator makes a more suitable learning environment than the cockpit of an airplane. It enables the student and the instructor to concentrate on the learning task. In-flight failures of systems and instruments can be created as the failure would occur in the airplane. Instruments do not fail instantly, as is the case when the instructor covers an instrument. You can see what really happens — and be ready for it.


 We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Should you be interested in price offer please contact us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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