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Grafprom Aviation



Since the very beginning we have been following the principle of taking great care of our service's quality.

Innovative, individual approach and passion of flying are the main characteristics of Grafprom Aviation. 

Our company's main determinants are customers' satisfaction and attention to details.



Grafprom Aviation is a company that values its people. We understand that our success relies on the passion, quality, and hard work of our team.  Wide range of our services includes:  various aviation training programs for aircraft and helicopters at ATO, Continuous Airworthiness  Management Organization and soon we will own an AOC certificate that will allow us to carry out commercial air transport operations. 

Since 2012, our experienced pilot staff has been training future pilots drilling essential habits. They learn how to fly effectively in the airspace and how to cope with diverse difficulties that may occur during flights.




Company’s inception is an effect of plans and ambitions of Grafprom Aviation’s board. To a cetrain point of time, flight school was planned to be located at modern Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport with General Aviation terminal. Unfortunately, by virtue of legal regulations, whole investment regarding airport development was suspended for an unlimited period of time. Thus the board decided to move headquarters to Bydgoszcz Airport. Functionality, unique look and esthetics of the terminal, certification according to new UE regulations create perfect training conditions for our pilots.

Large space (703m2) and well-developed airport infrastructure constitute solid foundation of our aircraft and helicopter trainings as well as other services. Comfortable, well-equipped study rooms are perfect for theoretical part of the trainings. Great asset of our flight school is our FNPTII that gives an opportunity to offer complex trainings. We offer rental of our training rooms for training courses and conferences.

Innovative approach resulted in a genuine, accordant with CAA’s requirements theoretical training program based on spoken e-learning, operating on mobile devices. Grafprom Aviation is the sole company in Poland providing opportunity to learn no matter of time and place. This offer is intended to students who  do not have enough time to cram or attend lectures. On-line devices allow students to gain effectively and check their knowledge before the exam.

For CPL(A) and ATPL(A) we offer professional theoretical trainings with cooperation of Ground School Bristol.  








 We constantly develop our services in order to meet cutomer's demands and assure the highest quality and safety.











Our Ellite S812 FNPT II


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