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First in Poland PPL(A)/LAPL(A) training program based on spoken e-learning  operating on mobile devices.

Total cost: 350 Euro

Please find details of the training in „E-LEARNING” section.

Training Statute

In order to buy a training you shall make bank transfer or use PayPal platform (find the form on the bottom)


Payment description: Ultimate PPL(A) theoretical course consists of: educational material in the form of 86 class hours and self-tests assigned to 9 topics, mechanism of work on training reports in the form of time counters. Genuine training program based on spoken e-learning, operating on mobile devices gives you freedom of choice when making decision where and when you taking part in it. 9 topics to be studied in the following order: Aviation Law, The Human body – its capacities and limitations, Meteorology, Communication, Principles of Flight, Operational Procedures, Performance and flight planning, Aeroplane construction, Navigation. Each topic consists of a certain number of lessons and self-tests to check your results of learning.

Bank transfer

title reference:

e-mail, cellphone and chosen course PPL(A) training or LAPL(A) training



john @grafpromaviation.com, 690-41-15-18, PPL(A)


bank account no. :

51 1600 1114 1847 6249 1000 0003

NRB: 51 1600 1114 1847 6249 1000 0003

IBAN: PL51 1600 1114 1847 6249 1000 0003



Grafprom Aviation Sp. z o.o.

ul. Paderewskiego 1

86-005 Białe Błota

After processing your transfer, we will contact you in order to fix up details and complete formalities.

Thereafter you receive an access to e-learning platform that allows you to begin the training.

Company data: 

ATO Grafprom Aviation

Bydgoszcz Airport

ul. Paderewskiego 1

86-005 Białe Błota


National Court Register online:



Terms of providing services:        After registration and payment for the training, future pilot begins the training (after data verification we will send an access to the platform). At each stage of the training you can ask for help through „help” section. The administrator will answer any questions you may have. In case of problems with obeying the time limits, the administrator may suspend the training allowing you to continue it at your convenience.

Return policy:    The trainee has a right to resign from training during 30 days from purchase, but it shall not apply at the moment of its beginning.  It means, that in the moment of beginning the lesson, the trainee loses the right to resign. In such a case and when the trainee does not obey to  time limits described in the training program, the certificate of non-completion will be issued.

Personal data protection: In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29/08/1997 (Dz.Ust.No.133, item 883)


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