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About e-learning

Functionality, unique look and esthetics of the Bydgoszcz Airport terminal, certification according to new UE regulations and comfortable, well-equipped study rooms create perfect training conditions for our pilots.

On the other hand, for all those who do not have much time to take part in training at our premises, we offer PPL(A)/LAPL(A) theoretical training program based on spoken e-learning, operating on mobile devices. Thanks to this platform, you can pass the theoretical part any time without leaving home or at any other place at your convenience.

Distance learning through our platform is performed in accordance with Training Program approved by Civil Aviation Authorities.


First part of the training consists of passing particular topics divided into modules of e-learning at the platform. All topics are included in the Training Program. The system has time limits that result from UE legal regulations. According to calculations whole cycle of the training may be completed in 3,5 weeks. 


Second part of the training is short lectures in the following options:


- at our Flight School in Bydgoszcz, 2 day training (usually, lectures are performed during weekend once a month) and written exam


- training at flying club or other flight school which is under contract with us regarding trainings’ performance on our behalf



Cost of PPL(A) e-learning 350,00 Euro.




Our platform has been available since February 2016.

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